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Job Opportunity

September 13 2021

Choir Director Job Description
Leland United Methodist Church
P.O. Box 129
Leland, MS 38756
We are looking for an enthusiastic and dedicated choir director to provide musical guidance and direction to our choir members. He/she must be a person committed to Jesus Christ, with an appreciation of the ministry and mission of this church.
 The Choir Director's responsibilities include teaching voice control techniques to choir members, managing the choir's annual budget, and promptly resolving conflicts among choir members. You should also be able to work with various accompanists to enhance musical pieces as needed.
The choir director must work closely and coordinate with the Pastor and the musicians in implementing the total music ministry.  He/she is amenable to the Pastor and the Staff Parish Relations Committee.
To be successful as a Choir Director, you should be creative, assertive, and passionate about music. He/she should have a broad knowledge of the field of church music, including traditional and contemporary forms of expression. Ultimately, an outstanding Choir Director should be able to interpret various styles of music and demonstrate exceptional communication, leadership, and organizational skills at all times.
Choir Director Responsibilities:
• Instructing choir members to warm up before rehearsals and worship.
• Deciding on appropriate musical pieces for the choir to perform. 
• Scheduling choir rehearsals and encourage choir members to attend rehearsals regularly.
• Selecting individual choir members to perform solos.
• Providing the necessary guidance and direction during choir rehearsals to assist choir members in achieving the correct tone, pitch, rhythm, tempo, and harmony.
• Directing choir members during worship services to ensure that the desired sound is achieved.
Choir Director Requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree in music, music education, or related field is desired but not required.
• Be a team player and be open to suggestions.
• Sound musical knowledge.
• The ability to interpret various styles of music.
• Strong leadership and listening skills.
• Excellent analytical, organizational, and problem-solving skills.
• Effective communication skills.
• A passion for music.
For more information contact:
Tony Proctor, Pastor